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Since its founding in 1993, Hornstein Law has helped results-oriented Clients of all sizes meet their business challenges in a professional and highly cost-effective manner. Whether a large company, a group endeavor, or an individual enterprise, every successful business is driven by entrepreneurial spirit. The attorneys at Hornstein Law have both the business background and the legal experience to understand that spirit and to ensure our clients are provided with legal assistance in the most cost-effective and professional manner.

Each attorney, on every assignment we undertake - corporate, personal or pro bono - is motivated by one consistent goal: to understand our Client's objectives and to work one-on-one with each Client as if we had no other.

We serve as counselors in the broadest sense, offering strategic advice and formulating creative cost-effective solutions. We immerse ourselves in a client's specific and immediate concerns while seeking a thorough understanding of the business and practical context in which these concerns arise. We help our Clients anticipate and handle the legal issues that may arise in a cost-effective manner. Our attorneys are not only involved in performing the legal services our Clients need, but also have extensive business backgrounds to draw upon.

Our advice is designed for one purpose – helping each Client translate the drive to succeed into cost-effective results. Our hallmark is responsiveness, expertise, and personal attention provided in a highly cost-efficient and professional manner.